DEADLINE – 12th FEB 2017

Proposals should consider_


The Festival of Making is open to any and every kind of making.  Each MakerShed will host a maker. If your design is intended for a specific type of maker or activity, please make it clear what this is, e.g. demonstrations on a potters wheel, 3D printing, hackspace, bicycle repair etc


The fabrication and assembly of the winning designs will be managed by Placeshakers, working in partnership with The Making Rooms, Lancashire’s first Fab Lab.  All submissions must be designed to be constructed using only the equipment available at The Making Rooms Fab Lab [for details see  Any entrant wishing to take part in the construction process is welcome to [further details available upon request].


The life cycle of the MakerSheds should be a primary concern, with each designed for ease of assembly/ disassembly and a proposed future use for the materials used.


Each design should be achievable with materials costing no more than £2000.  As such,  standardisation of construction components and the use of advanced fabrication techniques is a necessity.

You can download the Brief here:makershed-brief